Crawl Space Apocalypse

Avoiding a Crawl Space Apocalypse!

Welcome to the ultimate guide on fortifying your home against the looming threat of a crawl space catastrophe. Crawl spaces often hide in plain sight, but the problems they can bring are anything but subtle. We’ll unveil the strategies to prevent a crawl space apocalypse and maintain a secure, healthy living environment.

There is a reason why Dr. Crawlspace exists. If folks don’t have the appropriate work done on their crawl spaces, they might as well accept the fact that they could be facing an apocalypse in their home. We’re talking about lung-killing mold, a guest repelling smell of mildew, floors splitting, high cooling costs, windows that bleed…with house sweat, giant insect problems, zombie hordes, and MASS HYSTERIA!

Okay, that scenario is a stretch, but since we’re here let’s get to know crawl spaces and understand what a crawl space should look like and the advantages of properly handling your crawl space. For instance, if you spend some time with us, you’ll learn how to combat water problems in your basement or keep the air in your home fresh when you properly vent your crawl space. 

The way we see it, the more information you have gives you a better chance to avoid a “Crawl Space Apocalypse.” It won’t be an episode of the Walking Dead if you we don’t talk today, but why take the risk? Give us a call at 971-275-2920 or email for a free estimate from our experts.

Or, if you’d like to read on, give me a second*to clear my throat*, and we’ll continue!