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We are a family-owned and operated company serving our neighbors in the Tigard area. Our goal is to provide you with the quality of service we would use for our own homes while using only the highest quality products.

If you’re reading this, you have a crawl space that doesn’t meet your needs. Your space may be wet and unusable for storage with rodents, wood rot, fungi, or mold. It could also be making your home less energy-efficient. Our team will help change your crawl space into a usable, energy-efficient area that will increase the value of your home while also providing clean, safe air for your family in the upper levels.

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Crawl space Tigard Oregon


When was the last time you checked out your crawl space? If it’s been a while – that’s okay! The team at Dr. Crawlspace can provide inspections of your space as well as free, no-obligation quotes.  Feel free to send photos of your issue for our techs to review.


The Dr. Crawlspace team specializes in a variety of crawl space repairs – from sump pump repair to duct repair and crack repair. Our team will repair or replace what needs fixing and ensure that your space is in tip-top shape.


Is your crawl space crawling with things it shouldn’t be? Dr. Crawlspace can clean out rodents, mold, fungus, old vapor barriers and insulation – and whatever else needs to be removed to make way for a clean and safe space in your home.


Moisture in your crawl space is never a good thing! We’ll take your damp, dirty space and fully encapsulate it with our line of industry-leading products to improve your home’s overall air quality and lower your energy costs year-round.


To vent or not to vent? That has been the controversial question! Older practices recommended venting crawl spaces and opening/closing the vents depending on the season. Modern science has shown that the best solution is simply a vapor barrier or full encapsulation.

Vapor Barrier

In order to effectively control moisture, your crawl space needs a completely intact and opaque (not clear) vapor barrier. We’ll clean out and replace your worn out, soiled, or torn vapor barrier and replace it with upgraded products made to withstand traffic and stay tethered in place for long periods of time.


Crawl space encapsulation, or sealing, takes moisture control a step further than a vapor barrier. The first step of this process is to install a vapor barrier with sealing tape. A complete encapsulation can also include a sump pump, insulation, and/or a dehumidifier to properly condition the air.


Sealing your crawl space is the “hard part.” Dehumidifiers are the “easy part” and the key to maintaining a healthy humidity level of 45 – 50%. They’re durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. We’ll recommend one of our trusted partner brands.


Is your insulation sagging or hanging? Are you lacking insulation altogether? Dr. Crawlspace will provide closed cell foam, subfloor, and duct wrapping insulation along with duct and floor penetration sealing to keep your crawl space sealed and energy-efficient.


Mold and mildew in your crawl space can lead to odor, allergies, and health concerns. Luckily, both are easily identified and killed. By controlling humidity, Dr. Crawlspace can keep mold from sporing and spreading and prevent it from coming back!

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Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and to provide a FREE quote for known crawl space issues. A general crawl space “check-up” is $99. Fill out the contact form below or call to get started. Active-duty military and veterans receive a 5% discount on all services!

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    Maddy Ouye, PHR
    Dr. Crawlspace is great! I needed my vapor barrier replaced and a sump pump installed, and Dr. Crawlspace was by far the most reasonably priced for the work being provided. I received quotes from multiple companies and none could compete with the warranty on products/labor and the quality of products that Dr. Crawlspace was using.Our Project Manager, Brandon R., was fabulous. He was honest, professional, patient with all of my questions, and incredibly thorough (during his inspection, during his after inspection explanations, and during his quality assurance check). In addition, I appreciated that Brandon took the time to make sure I truly understood my options and all of the answers to my questions. He never tried to upsell me, and in fact, he told me things I shouldn't purchase. I know nothing about crawlspaces and sump pumps, so I really appreciated Brandon's honesty and that I could truly trust his advice.The actual work was done quickly and efficiently. It took 1 full 10 hour day and then 2 more quick appointments after (a quality assurance check and an electrician visit). The 4-person team doing the labor (led by a different Brandon) was great as well. They were courteous and respectful to my house, and they tried to be as quiet and clean as one can be given the amount of dirt, rocks, and digging occurring. They were very communicative and transparent throughout the process, which was also much appreciated.I highly recommend Dr. Crawlspace!
    Cate Larsen
    Dr. Crawlspace did an absolutely outstanding crawlspace encapsulation job at our home, and they also replaced our broken sump pump and installed a sump pump alarm system, dehumidifier, and a radon system. In advance, they carefully explained all the material that they were going to use and exactly why they chose that particular type of material. They convinced me that their encapsulation is very strong compared to other ones from other companies that boast about thickness being the key. The whole job took only 4 days and was even quality checked by the manager. I’m so grateful that Dr. Crawlspace did this work, and I recommend them highly.
    Mark McGraw
    Thes guys were great. Respectful of being in our home and very neat. They also did a great job.
    Brandon was friendly, helpful, and professional. He communicated clearly and showed several pictures to help explain the issue. The report came in less than a day and was thorough.
    Keith Allen
    Brandon a helpful and informative PM and the work crew really put in a lot of effort to muck out my very wet crawlspace and mitigate my water problem.
    His dedication to his patients make them feel comfortable and inspired.
    Neal Johnson
    I hired them to re-insulate my crawl space (tear out and install). Good experience. Did what they said they would do and priced it fairly IMO. I’d recommend.
    Lexi Allan
    These guys rock!!! I had decided to get a few different quotes for my crawlspace. Dr. Crawlspace was the third and final one I scheduled. Once I received the estimate, I scheduled right away. They were able to get me scheduled within 4 business days! Payment was s secure and easy! They even called with an update and offered to tape up my vents while they were down there! The office manager, Julie got me an updated estimate right away, which I of course approved immediately! They got the job done before I got home from work and sent an update along with pictures of the finished job! Chris is knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had right away. I appreciate the great job! I highly recommended these guys for your crawlspace!!!!
    Bill Baxter
    Aaron did a fantastic job cleaning up my crawlspace, showed up on time and worked fast to get it nice and clean under there to make it easier for me to run some new wiring. Highly recommend!
    Scott Nedelisky
    We called up Dr Crawlspace for a project that was a little out of their ordinary scope of work. They assessed what we needed done, figured out the best solution for our need and got the job done. We'll definitely use them again!
    Scott Fenton
    I had these guys completely replace my vapor barrier and replace the floor insulation. They did a phenomenal job! The crew showed up on time and were polite, professional, and timely. They covered the floor inside my home to protect it which was really nice, and they did a few repairs. They also did my kid's home. No budgetary surprises either. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    Holly Briggs
    Very friendly and knowledgeable. Did a great job and I would definitely recommend them.
    Great group of guys! Very respectful, knowledgeable and efficient work ethic. They got the job done within time frame given. Great products. I liked that they gave me different quote options. Would use again and recommend to others.
    Tessa Schrader
    Fantastic owner and techs who go above and beyond to make sure your home or space is well taken care of. Would highly recommend.
    Emily Hughes
    Love these guys! Very efficient. Great work 👍🏻
    Kristi Grob
    Awesome Service!!
    Holly Hudson
    Great company and great people!
    A A
    Great service
    Larry Frank
    Great company!
    Daniel McKinlay
    Great company. Good communication.
    Great family business. Good people on your side!
    Phillip brown
    Service blew my mind against the wall. Hooray!
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