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Do Crawl Spaces Clear Their Throats?

They can with a visit to “The Doctor”, but just like you were taught by your parents, schools, or even your human doctors, it’s good to know something about how your body works in order to know if something is wrong with it. So, what is a crawl space, and how does it work within a home?

The term “crawl space” defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is “a shallow unfinished space beneath the first floor or under the roof of a building especially for access to plumbing or wiring”. The term was coined in the mid 1940’s, as builders of homes accounted for developments in wiring, circulation, and creating ventilation in homes. If you like history, take a quick peek at our article about sump pumps and how they help maintain a crawl space. But first….

Let Me Clear My Throat!”

If you think about it, open spaces above and below your house are a lot like lungs. In homes, air and moisture travel by entering the crawl space and go through a stack effect, rising and falling with temperature. Like you, your home “breathes” and if something gets caught in your home’s throat then it most certainly can get caught in yours. This can create nasty respiratory issues. If you find yourself having chronic respiratory problems, see your healthcare professional first, and then find a great crawl space expert to work with. We hope in the end that person is us, but what’s more important is making sure you’re happy and healthy in your home. A free estimate from us could be just what the “Doctor” ordered to give your house (and you) a clean bill of health. Email us – or give us a call today at 971-275-2920!