Sick Days | Dr. Crawlspace

Keep Your Home From Catching the Flu

Ah, winter! It is a cold, wet, and sometimes snowy time that brings with it quiet reflection and appreciation for the year you’ve had…while you have a cold or flu. Yep, it’s that time of year where the sniffles and respiratory problems are common and folks line up at clinics to get their flu shots, but have you considered that maybe this is the year you want to do a check-up on your home to make sure it doesn’t have a cold? 

Dr. Crawlspace knows that if your crawl space isn’t set up properly or lacks the products that optimize its function, you could be dealing with moisture that’s gone wild, water in the basement, and a big one in this area: mold. All of these issues can create problems with your health. This is why Dr. Crawlspace takes what’s under your home seriously. The damage that moisture, mold, and pests can do in a crawlspace is serious business. While you may not want to crawl around with all that unpleasantness, we do! As a local company, we consider you our neighbors so we want to keep you, your family, and your investment safe from a crawl space apocalypse. If you call us at 971-275-2920, we will check out the lungs of your home and give you a free (and hassle-free!) estimate to correct any issues that you might have.

One last thing: we want to thank all of our customers both old and new. We appreciate the beautiful area we live in and the people that we serve. We’re always here when you need us, and if you or a loved one has any questions regarding what’s below your house, you can contact us at any time.