We’ve partnered with Grate Products because they offer the most effective line of drainage and waterproofing products on the market. Their focus on quality and longevity combined with our diligent training standards and stringent quality control equals the highest level of both products and service for your home.

Fast Sump | Dr. Crawlspace

Fast Sump

Fast Sump is an extremely reliable, workhorse of a sump operating at roughly half the energy cost of other leading sump pumps. Pumping 2400 gallons per hour at a 10 ft head (this measures resistance expressed in the vertical lift of the water) and including an industry-leading 36-month warranty – there’s no pump better-suited for tackling groundwater in your basement or crawl space.

Product Image of a Fast Pump System | Dr. Crawlspace

Fast Pump System

Sump pumps basins contribute greatly to the effectiveness of your system. Set the pump too deep, and you’ll dry out your neighborhood rather than just the area under your home. Set it too shallow, and the rest of your drainage system won’t get the pitch it needs without becoming too shallow itself. This leads to standing water opposite the sump location. The fast sump basin is designed at the perfect level to keep your home dry without creating excess wear and tear from running unnecessarily.

Product Image of a Low-Resistance Back flow | Dr. Crawlspace

Low Resistance Backflow

Backflows are a crucial part of any pump exhaust system. They prevent water in the drain lines from flowing back into the basin while the pump is at rest. Our backflows minimize the drag that makes your pump work harder. You’ll be able to see at a glance that this device is operating correctly!

Sump Pump System with Battery Backup | Dr. Crawlspace

Fast Sump Battery Backup

Because the Pacific Northwest has fairly reliable power, few instances call for a battery backup system. On those rare occasions that do, this backup system is best on the market. Rather than a DC-based backup sump that quickly loses efficiency as the battery drains, our battery backup includes an AC inverter to ensure your sump runs at maximum effectiveness at any time there’s juice left in the battery.

Fast Drain Product Image | Dr. Crawlspace

Fast Drain

If there is a single product that separates Dr. Crawlspace from the other guys, this is it! Our Fast Drain is designed to permanently replace your disposable, flexible, perforated pipes. This product contains large holes that drain even when partially obstructed by debris, a smooth interior to prevent blockages, and cleanouts at every corner to allow for high-pressure cleaning if needed (which isn’t likely!). Fast Drain is the perfect product for your long term drainage needs – and our 20-year warranty guarantees it!

Product: Dimpleshield | Dr. Crawlspace


DimpleShield is an optional mat installed under an encapsulation seal. Though optional, we recommend it for a number of reasons. DimpleShield provides increased drainage by breaking the surface tension of water and pulling it downhill through “capillaries.” It is second to none for drainage on even the slightest decline. It cushions and protects your encapsulation membrane, and makes any tight crawl space easy on your hands and knees. Lastly, it stands up to the weight of your concrete basement slab allowing for exceptional sub-slab drainage.

Crawl Shield Logo | Dr. Crawlspace


CrawlShield has the best rip and tear rating on the market with nearly zero permeation, and a class-A fire retardant. It’s the perfect product for a complete, long-lasting, encapsulation seal. Nothing flashy – just a strong, effective, and worry-free solution.

WallShield Product Image | Dr. Crawlspace


Weeping walls can make a sub-slab drainage system inadequate for finished basement spaces. The WallShield system completely isolates water and guides it down into your installed drainage system, leaving no open source of moisture. Nothing else seals away all moisture or keeps your basement as comfortable and dry.

Dehumidifier | Dr. Crawlspace

WiseAire Dehumidifiers

Energy-efficient, reliable, and made here in the USA – WiseAire’s line of basement and crawl space dehumidifiers are our top choice for your dehumidification needs. We know that we can stand behind this product now and in the future – which means you can too!

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