Realtors, being in the business of buying and selling homes for people, you naturally want the whole process to go as smoothly as possible. A good Building Inspector is a valuable asset whose report significantly impacts the above. At Dr. Crawlspace, we certainly appreciate what Home Inspectors do and we even partner with some of them. However, what we do is an even more in-depth inspection of just the Crawlspace area or if working with an inspector, we give more precise details on what can resolve a specific Crawlspace issue!

We offer a Free Inspection for any of your prospective clients buying or selling a home. We like to get into Crawlspaces, evaluate them thoroughly and, if need be, prescribe and perform any treatment necessary before the Building Inspector makes his or her inspection. In short, if there are areas of concern in the Crawlspace, particularly with the Vapor Barrier or Insulation, that could have a negative bearing on the sale of any given house, they will have already been addressed prior to the official inspection, greatly increasing the prospect of the house being sold quickly and closing on time. Our inspection is absolutely free for both you and your client, and leaves everyone with peace of mind before the final inspection.

Crawlspaces, as any experienced realtor would say, are often a stumbling block in potential house transactions. Often neglected for many years by a significant number of homeowners, the flaws in a Crawlspace are usually not exposed until the homeowner decides to sell, the worst possible time for such information to see the light of day. A Crawlspace issue by itself may be a relatively trivial matter, but coupled with other structural problems on a Building Inspector’s report, this may generate a cumulative effect and create a ‘problem’ house, i.e. one that won’t sell.

We look forward to helping you and your home buyers and sellers have a smooth and easy real estate transaction!

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