The air quality in your home, could be a very serious health issue to you and your family! Mildew or mold in your insulation can cause toxic fumes! You might even have rodents!

Dr. Crawlspace offers no-obligation evaluations of your crawlspace and provides digital photos of areas you can’t see! We go over everything with you to make sure you know exactly what’s going on under your home that is affecting the air IN your home!

Crawlspace Encapsulation Services – Sealed Crawl Spaces


  • Quality Vapor barriers of commercial grade, high tensile strength membrane with unequaled puncture resistance specifically designed for crawl spaces.
  • A bid that is comprehensive and detailed so you can see and understand any problems and what needs to be done to remedy them.
  • Attention to detail and your personal property. Our crews will work as efficiently as possible to get the job done at the highest possible standard. For multiple day jobs, we will clean our area each day and remove any debris. (Most jobs can be completed in 1 day.)
  • We take pride in making appointments available at times that are convenient for you, with early morning arrivals, and weekend availability.


  • Moisture or standing water problems
  • Any existing sump pumps
  • Rodent infestation and their access points
  • Condition of the beams, posts and sub floor
  • Check for any sagging in the floor
  • Any signs of mold or mildew
  • Condition of the floor joist insulation (if any exists)
  • Condition of the Vapor Barrier (if any exists)
  • Condition of the foundation
  • Condition of the air duct lines and the main trunk line coming from your furnace including checking for leaks
  • Check insulation of all air duct lines
  • Condition of the crawl space access door
  • Take pictures of everything with a digital camera


  • Water in crawl space
  • High levels of humidity
  • Mold
  • Allergens in the home
  • Odors
  • Radon gas
  • Cold floors
  • High heating/cooling bills
  • Insects
  • Rodents