Sump pump Hillsboro

Sump pump - Hillsboro, Oregon

The Dr. Crawlspace team specializes in all things drainage and sump pumps. Count on us for initial installation and to follow up with routine service and repair. Ask our experts about our 1, 3, and 5-year annual maintenance plans!

Sump pump Hillsboro Oregon

Crawl space encapsulation + sump pump replacement

Sump pump maintenance (12 point)

Ask our experts about our 1, 3, and 5-year annual maintenance plans!

  • Clean Sump Liner(s)
  • Clean Pump(s)
  • Inspect Check Valve
  • Water Test Pump / Switch(s)
  • Replace Alarm Battery
  • Check / Flush Discharge Line
  • Check / Test Backup Battery
  • Inspect / Clean Ports
  • Flush System / Flood Test
  • Inspect Foundation Exterior
  • Check DownSpouts
  • Check Voltage on Battery Backup

$79 service for first-time customers!

Sump pump installation

Sump pumps are commonly used in the crawl space or basement of a home to prevent flooding and excessive dampness or moisture. They work by pumping excess water away from your home through a discharge line to a designated drainage area (like a storm drain). The Dr. Crawlspace team will help determine if and where your home needs a pump and our experts will install it properly in your space.

Sump pump repair

Dr. Crawlspace is here to help with all of your sump pump repair needs! Usually, routine annual maintenance is enough to keep your pump pumping smoothly. That’s why we recommend one of our 1, 3, or 5-year maintenance packages! However, if your system needs repair for any reason, we’re just a phone call away.

Schedule your service: (971) 275-2920

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    Dr. Crawlspace
    Based on 81 reviews
    I’m very happy on the outcome. Pictures justified the excellent job Brandon’s crew did on our crawlspace. Very friendly employees and left the property clean. This is the first time I post reviews because I think people should know about this company. Call the DR when your crawlspace is sick. LOL.
    Dr. Crawlspace is great! I needed my vapor barrier replaced and a sump pump installed, and Dr. Crawlspace was by far the most reasonably priced for the work being provided. I received quotes from multiple companies and none could compete with the warranty on products/labor and the quality of products that Dr. Crawlspace was using.Our Project Manager, Brandon R., was fabulous. He was honest, professional, patient with all of my questions, and incredibly thorough (during his inspection, during his after inspection explanations, and during his quality assurance check). In addition, I appreciated that Brandon took the time to make sure I truly understood my options and all of the answers to my questions. He never tried to upsell me, and in fact, he told me things I shouldn't purchase. I know nothing about crawlspaces and sump pumps, so I really appreciated Brandon's honesty and that I could truly trust his advice.The actual work was done quickly and efficiently. It took 1 full 10 hour day and then 2 more quick appointments after (a quality assurance check and an electrician visit). The 4-person team doing the labor (led by a different Brandon) was great as well. They were courteous and respectful to my house, and they tried to be as quiet and clean as one can be given the amount of dirt, rocks, and digging occurring. They were very communicative and transparent throughout the process, which was also much appreciated.I highly recommend Dr. Crawlspace!
    Dr. Crawlspace did an absolutely outstanding crawlspace encapsulation job at our home, and they also replaced our broken sump pump and installed a sump pump alarm system, dehumidifier, and a radon system. In advance, they carefully explained all the material that they were going to use and exactly why they chose that particular type of material. They convinced me that their encapsulation is very strong compared to other ones from other companies that boast about thickness being the key. The whole job took only 4 days and was even quality checked by the manager. I’m so grateful that Dr. Crawlspace did this work, and I recommend them highly.

    Flooding and moisture be gone!