Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker

When was the last time you checked out your crawl space or basement? Here are a few of the most common symptoms of issues like moisture, rot, mold/fungi, and pests. See some symptoms? Call Dr. Crawlspace for a complimentary inspection!

Basement & Crawl Space Symptom Checker | Dr. Crawlspace

Your basement or crawl space is a leading source of allergens which can aggravate your respiratory system. If you or your family experience elevated symptoms while at home, getting your space professionally inspected and corrected may bring the relief you’re looking for.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is emitted from the earth and contaminated well water. You can read about why radon gas is dangerous to your health, and why any level of radon presents a risk on our Why Radon Mitigation? page

Outside of the home, radon gas diffuses into the atmosphere – keeping concentration levels very low. Your home traps radon gas emitting from the ground like an upsidedown bowl over smoke. We correct this by creating a very slight negative pressure under your living spaces, which draws the soil gas emissions up and out into the atmosphere to dissipate naturally.

Dr. Crawlspace is a certified radon mitigation specialist offering a variety of mitigation options.

Mold and mildew can mean anything from unpleasant smells to aggravation of allergies. They can even develop into carcinogenic agents that are detrimental to your health. Luckily, both are easily identified and killed when their source in your home is corrected.

Mold in particular needs a food source (organic material like your posts and beams) and a humid environment to grow and thrive. By controlling humidity, we can keep mold from sporing and spreading. Of course, step one is to kill it, and step two is to keep it from coming back.

Standing water in your yard makes for an unusable space for over half of each year. Many contractors think that pipes should be placed where the water is standing – but that is often not the case.

Want the best shot of eliminating your seasonal lakes and firming up your swamp? Dr. Crawlpsace will put together a plan to keep your yard dry and usable all year long!

Cracks in your foundation can indicate anything from cosmetic settling to points of water infiltration to major structural concerns. At Dr. Crawlspace, we know which cracks you need to worry about, and which you can cover or ignore. Plus, we carry a wide array of solutions for any and all basement or crawl space foundation cracks.

Condensation is almost always a symptom of a larger problem. It could mean anything from trapped and untreated humidity to a lack of insulation. We’ll track down the source and remove it and the resulting condensation.

Standing water is not the major problem – it’s the humidity that standing water causes and the stuff that grows in wet, humid environments. Both humidity and the critters can lead to problems like moisture in the building materials of your home. The Stack Effect means that our homes pull half the air we breathe directly from our crawl spaces or basements. If the air down there is unhealthy, then so is the air in the rest of our homes. This means potential health concerns for you and your family.

Standing water is the number one problem we are called to deal with when a home is being sold. Don’t wait until you are obligated to make the next home owner’s living environment more safe and energy-efficient. Call us today to correct your basement or crawl space so you can breathe easy!

Musty odors in your basement or crawl space are most often caused by elevated humidity levels which in turn cases mildew, mold, and fungus (since these thrive in damp locations). These issues can cause both deterioration in your home and health problems like allergies and asthma for your family. Dr. Crawlspace can assess and address any and all musty odors and their underlying causes.

Hydrostatic pressure pushes against your home’s foundation any time the groundwater table is raised. This is the major cause of seasonal water infiltration which leads to elevated humidity levels and allows mold, mildew, and allergens to thrive. It also raises the cost of energy in your home. Contact us today to collect all that moisture and take it outside where it belongs!

Because your sump pump is often in an obscure area of your basement or crawl space, a non-working pump can be overlooked and cause standing water. We recommend installing a high water alarm to alert you of any problems with the system before they become problems in your home.

Dr. Crawlspace services, repairs, and replaces all brands of sump pumps in all locations, and can install high water alarms to alert you to any future problems.

Subfloor and wall insulation doesn’t have to be beautiful to do its job, but extreme sagging or hanging can be a sign of unhealthy or ineffective insulation that needs to be repaired or replaced. We’ll evaluate your insulation and let you know if it needs a little TLC.

In order to effectively control moisture, your crawl space needs a completely intact and opaque (not clear) vapor barrier. The code-required black plastic is notorious for ripping and shifting, especially when tethered to foundation walls and pier blocks. If you have any gaps in your barrier, they need to be covered – but multiple layers of barrier trap moisture and cause humidity.

Dr. Crawlspace offers the cleanout and replacement of your vapor barrier with options for both a standard barrier or upgraded products made to withstand traffic and the strength to stay tethered in place for long periods of time.

Seeing symptoms? Contact us for a free inspection!