Thank you for the excellent job of providing us with a French drain system.  The crew were hard workers and extremely professional.  I would recommend them to anyone needing drainage. ~Ruth and Lou

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We just purchased a home (built 1982 in Salem) and one of its issues was the crawlspace and its drainage. It definitely needed a new vapor barrier, a good cleaning, a few vent repairs and possibly some retrenching and we needed someone to tell us if anything else needed to be addressed. Dr. Crawlspace was the fourth and last estimate we got ? and we are SO glad we called them!

Their estimator, Chris, arrived on time for his inspection appointment and took his time inspecting and photographing our entire crawlspace. He was extremely professional, friendly and detailed when explaining his recommendations for our crawlspace, using the pictures he had taken. While other companies wanted to install their own drainage systems, Chris explained that our drainage system, while not the best and below the standard of the system they install, would do its job for several more years and that he would recommend simply cleaning the space, putting in a new vapor barrier and repairing the damaged vents. This ended up saving us thousands of dollars. He also recommended adding a high-water alarm, in case the sump failed ? a great suggestion, which we followed.

Chris gave us a detailed, written estimate on the spot, then kept in touch with us the next day as we asked some follow-up questions. Communication was good and we never felt like an afterthought or a bother. A little more than a week later, their five-person work crew arrived as scheduled at 8 a.m., introduced themselves (Jeff, JT, Nick, etc.), reviewed with us the work they planned for the day, per our estimate/proposal, put on their work uniforms, goggles, etc., and disappeared into our crawlspace. After a few hours, JT came out and gave us a progress report, asking if we had any questions, then went back to work with the rest of his crew who, by the way, sang throughout the day in our crawlspace! They finished about 5:30 p.m. JT took before and after pictures, which office manager April sent us, along with our final bill (very reasonable), within a couple of days. Each staff member’s interactions with us inspired confidence that they all knew their jobs and took pride in their work. This was one of the best home repair experiences we have ever had, from start to finish.

Thank you so much Laura! And, many thanks to Kevin and his crew.

Paula Parrish

It’s been great working with all of you. We really appreciate the integrity and professionalism of crew and company and would surely recommend Dr. Crawlspace to anyone needing the kinds of services you offer.

Thanks again!

Holly Kipp

Above and Beyond! Very easy and professional company to work with. Quick and easy FREE inspection, very competitive price quote, and top notch service. Greg is a perfectionist and will do whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time. Very happy with our experience with Dr. Crawlspace and would not hesitate to do business with them again.

Jacob Weston

Portland metro area peeps, if you’ve been meaning to get your crawlspace restored, don’t wait. Get that insulation in. Get those bare dirt patches covered. It’s a good thing for your house health if you’ve got a crawlspace. And if/when you do so I really recommend these guys. Who better than the specialists who dare call themselves the Dr?

I got bids from 3 companies. One guy spent all of 30 seconds down there, and came back up with a bid almost triple the others, with no explanations. Dr Crawlspace earns its name. After about 5 minutes the owner Greg came back out from that dirty underworld and sat me down with a slideshow on his phone…I realized later, the doc’s diagnostic. He was able to show me the otherworldly blanket of lint from a disconnected (who knows how many years) dryer hose. We had a good laugh. Serious faerie digs. He showed me a post with a couple of bricks for a footing, instead of the cement block regulations called for. Nobody else even mentioned that. Greg was confident he could fix that, and he and his team did.

Greg was able to give me a bid, and so clearly explain what was needed, he already gave better bid than the others. In addition he told me he was going to get a little part from his truck for a temporary fix of that dryer vent hose, which he did. And if I hired him, he would get the right parts so it wouldn’t happen again. The others didn’t even talk to me about the loose hose, their loss…we had Dr Crawlspace do that and replace the hoses (this is a duplex) with rigid ductwork. Because Greg was so thorough, we were reminded we wanted to have that done. I like smart customer service. We also added insulation to our list, and he handled the change in plans easily, even with his right hand man gone on military leave.

Finally, the guys were always gracious about making sure their work wouldn’t allow my indoor cats to slip outside. The best!

Heidi H.
Portland, OR

I had long known I needed to get our crawlspace encapsulated. We couldn’t store anything down there without it getting moldy, and the air quality was affecting the air in our house. So I started getting quotes from the few places in town that do this sort of work. After meeting with three companies, I felt the best after meeting with Greg Baty of Dr. Crawlspace. Their price was right, and they were willing to do more than the other guys. And Greg was very personable and trustworthy.

I was not disappointed. Greg and his crew did a great job. There were a few surprises that they had no way of knowing about ahead of time, but they dealt with them without nickel and diming me for things. And Laura was great about keeping me apprised with the schedule.

The crawlspace is now a pleasure to enter. It’s completely sealed, humidistatically controlled, and can now be used for storage without any worries. It’s so nice that I may even make it a man-cave down there!

It was a pleasure to do business with a company that is honest and upfront about everything. I highly recommend them.

Sisi H.
West Linn, OR

I would highly recommend Dr. Crawlspace to anyone needing work on their crawlspace. The staff was courteous, always on time and worked very diligently to complete the work in a timely manner.

My crawl space was in dire need of work and I am very happy with the results. I had a question about one of the vents and Greg came out after work, examined the area of concern and he felt it needed further work. He came back later that same day to correct what he had found.

I am pleased to give Dr. Crawlspace a five star rating. The overall work is excellent and working with Greg and Laura was a positive experience for me. Should you have questions regarding this recommendation please feel free to contact me at 503 646-6900.

Barrie Jordan