Why Waterproof?

Why Waterproof?

A waterproof crawl space

Our most frequently asked question is “why is water in the crawl space or basement a terrible thing?” And the problem isn’t actually the water itself. The problem with an open source of water under the home is the humidity it causes throughout the house.

Over half the air in your home comes directly from your basement or crawl space. Your home acts as giant chimneys, pulling air through the bottom and venting air through the roof. This is called the Stack Effect.

When a crawl space or basement is wet, the incoming air brings with it a very high level of humidity which causes all the building materials in your home to swell. A moist interior air robs your home of its energy-efficiency by accelerating the transfer of energy with the outside world and gives mold, mildew, and all the tiny critters you don’t want in your home an environment within which to thrive.

The short answer: Humidity in the home is a very unhealthy living environment and a killer for your energy efficiency and pocketbook.

Have you ever dug a hole in the ocean? It’s a good analogy for building your home in a wet environment. Both penetrate the groundwater table – the ocean example just gives a better visual.

When this occurs, water constantly presses against your foundation in an effort to equalize the void your crawl space or basement created. The pressure around the perimeter of your home’s foundation will always find a way to come in. Luckily, collecting and removing that moisture is something we do every day!

Most people assume that groundwater comes up from the floor. In reality, the pressure comes in from the sides!

Trying to keep that water out is a losing battle. Instead, the best way to counter water infiltration is to collect it as it comes into the space and remove it before it has a chance to evaporate and become in-home humidity. For crawl spaces, all of this takes place under a well-laid vapor barrier to keep your home protected. For basements, we install a system under your slab and waterproof the walls so you can build out your basement without worrying about coming downstairs to a lake of water damage.

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